In Partnership with Lorne Mtn. Community Center

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Maker Days
Lorne Mtn. Community Centre       Monday June 26 – Wednesday June 28 | 9am – 4pm


Market Days

LMCC -> Fireweed Market, Whitehorse       Thursday June 29 |  9am – 8pm
Lorne Mtn Community Centre      Saturday July 1 | TBD


 $280 child – Please contact us for scholarship if needed




  • Children’s ownership of their projects and their experience is vital to the deeper lessons available in the program, we support this ownership by facilitating Self-Direction
  • We teach entrepreneurship through modelling, by authentically pursuing our own business ideas
  • The goal we hold for Startup Lab is not making money. The goal is learning through experience
  • We support experimentation and far-out ideas
  • We celebrate failure on par with success


  • Pre-Camp Presentation and Q+A —- Tuesday, May 30th —- 6:30 – 8:30pm  Lorne Mtn. Community Centre 
  • Information packets for Kids and their Families to get the most out of Startup Lab will be sent out in advance of the program
  • This event is facilitated by Sierra Allen

Check our homepage for more information


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Startup Lab only works for kids who want to be there. We think it's a great idea, and imagine you do too if you're applying, but it's really got to be your kids interest running the show. Please be sure to discuss Startup Lab with them and have them check the box below:*
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